Mens 40 Inch Waist Jeans and Trousers


Fashionable big men's jeans are available in size 40 inch waist
Big men can wear fashionable jeans and look great

Extra large Clothing was founded in 2009 to supply big men’s jeans and trousers. All the trousers and jeans on this page are available in mens 40 inch waist. Best-selling jeans we offer include Rockford (Designed by Duke Clothing) and Kam Jeans. Trousers include designs by Kam, Duke, Ed Baxter, Life and Limb and Oakman.

If you have been searching for extra large jeans or trousers online or in shops and can’t find anything in size 40, you have found the right place! We are specialists in sourcing comfortable, fashionable jeans and trousers in big sizes.

Mens 40 Inch Waist Jeans

Some of our 40 inch waist jeans are offered in stretch denim, with or without an elasticated waist. The elasticated waistband has belt loops so can easily be covered by a belt (for example, the Rockford relaxed style stretch denim jeans).

Our best selling style, which we have listed for 6 years, are the Rockford comfort fit jeans. These are made from 14 3/4 weight denim which is thick enough to be hard-wearing but light enough to feel soft. The comfort fit jeans are available in classic stonewash blue and black at £24.99 per pair or fashion colours including the new bleach wash (ultra fashionable light blue denim jeans), dirty denim which is hand sandblasted and soft to the touch, mid indigo blue, dark navy blue (a classic!) and light stone which is perfect in summer worn with deck shoes. All the fashion colours are available at £25.99 per pair (+p&p).

Mens 40 Inch Waist Trousers

Trousers are generally available with 40″ waist and inside leg of 27″, 29″, 31″ and 34″, with some offered in 38″. Styles include classic black office trousers with a concealed x-tend-a waist which adjusts at the side giving an additional 2″ movement each side for comfort, plus our ever popular Kam or Duke cargo trousers available in black, khaki, sand or taupe.


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