Size 5XL T shirts

Our big men’s T-shirts are 100% heavy weight cotton with wide sleeves. Not too baggy, but seriously long enough. Perfect for summer or layering under a shirt or hoodie. Extra Large Clothing brings you a great range of Big Men’s size 5XL T shirts.

Hawaiian Themed Size 5XL T Shirts

If you are on the hunt for men’s large size 5XL T shirts, Extra Large Clothing specialise in providing T-shirts in many styles and many colours, between the sizes of 3XL and 8XL. We select our T-shirts from quality manufacturers specialising in T-shirts for big men such as Kam, D555, Metaphor and Replika. We also have a wide range of fashionable T’s, including crew neck, v-neck and vest style (ideal for the gym or gardening). From the classic white T, through to a range of fashionable colours, and of course, the useful stand-by black, Extra Large Clothing has the complete range to suit you.

D555 Beach t shirt 3XL - 6XL
D555 Beach t shirt 3XL – 6XL

For example, this T-shirt would be ideal for a Hawaiian themed party:

D555 retro style beach themed T-shirt in muted sepia print. Based on vintage travel agency sales posters for a Hawaiian beach resort. Pictures include beach shacks, palm trees (of course!) and surf boards. Slogans read ‘Waikiki Paradise Beach… leave it all behind… The Ultimate Retreat… just relax… hit the surf… and zone out’. These large style photographic prints on T-shirts have been increasing in popularity for the past couple of seasons and combined with the retro / vintage styling make this the ultimate on-trend T-shirt design for 2015. Perfect T-shirt to get you in the holiday mood (and as we’ve said elsewhere, gives your family and friends something to read at the bar!)

Crew neck and wide sleeves. Good long length (3XL is 33″ long).

Size 5XL T shirts now in stock

We have just taken delivery of some new D555 size 5XL T shirts and shirts, and based on some of the feedback we had to our last newsletter, I think these will be well received – new designs, brighter colours, same value for money prices. The best-selling Kam T-shirts are also now back in stock in all colours. Colours offered are white, black, navy blue, wine red, marl grey or new denim blue, as well as a new powder blue and brown.

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